The Cloud Migration Technical Assessment

The Cloud Migration Technical Assessment

Regroove performs technical assessments to gather information to assist with cloud migration project planning, identify red flags, and help your migration project go as smoothly as possible. A typical technical assessment starts by meeting virtually with a technical member of your team to discuss and view what currently exists in your technical environment.  

Depending on the scope of the project, we will perform one or more of the following audits: 

  • Tenancy Audit
  • Desktop Tour Audit
  • Environment Data Collection Audit  
  • Migration Data Collection Audit 

Following the audit, a Regroove consultant will meet with you to provide:  

  • a summary of identified issues,  
  • the level of severity/priority,
  • recommended next steps, and
  • discussion of governance best practices.

Contact us to meet with a Regroove consultant to get started assessing your environment to prepare for your upcoming cloud migration.

Note: This product is not free. Please contact us to discuss your needs then receive a work effort estimate to purchase our cloud migration technical assessment solution.