Microsoft Teams Governance Best Practices Guide

Microsoft Teams Governance Best Practices Guide

All the information that you need to correctly manage Microsoft Teams can be found in our Teams Governance Guide and Coaching session combination!  

In our Microsoft Teams Governance coaching session and guide, we'll walk you through best practices for setting up Microsoft Teams for collaboration success. This includes settings, organizational policies and automations within Microsoft Teams. 

In this session, one of Regroove's trusted Microsoft Teams specialists will lead you (or your small group of up to three attendees) through a one-hour remote coaching session. We'll follow up with your custom Microsoft Teams Governance Guide to help you implement and successfully manage governance in Microsoft Teams.  

Reminder: We don't offer classroom training to big groups through the NOW website. This product is for 1:1 or small audience coaching. Please read this to understand the benefits of small scale coaching method.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a large-scale training package that can offer broad strokes learning to your organization.  

In our Microsoft Teams Governance coaching and guide, our Regroove coaches can cover:  

  • The Microsoft Teams lifecycle 
  • The governance decisions your team should be considering in the framework of the Microsoft Teams Lifecycle 
  • Creating Teams 
  • Naming Conventions 
  • Team Membership 
  • Teams Channels and Applications 


We may not be able to cover all of these topics in one hour. Your mileage may vary depending on the types of questions you ask. This is your time. Make it count!  

Please let us know before the session begins how you'd like to customize your coaching experience, for example, by omitting certain topics that are not relevant to your needs.  

This course is intended to answer questions about setting up and modifying your Microsoft Teams environment, and learning about Microsoft Teams governance. We assume that you and your team have a minimum basic understanding of how to effectively manage Microsoft Teams prior to beginning this course.  

Upon purchase, one of our coaches will reach out to coordinate your session booking.  

We look forward to meeting you!